When is the right time to change my used baseball glove?

Have you been thinking about replacing your old gloves with a new one? Well, every baseball player has to take this decision at some point. Also, taking about the right time then there is no exact right time for changing your gloves. Does it depend on as what let you change your gloves? Below are some points which will guide you as when you change or replace your gloves?

Damaged gloves

You cannot use damaged gloves for your match and this it’s time for your gloves to be changed. It can be due to top nay accident or because of your careless nature. The reason can be anything, but once gloves get damaged, you need to buy a new one. Also, when you buy gloves next time then do not go for the cheap one as for just saving few pennies. This will cost you in future plus will cost you in your game.

Uncomfortable gloves

Well, this tip is not related to the life span of a glove. Many players used to buy gloves which are uncomfortable and then will get disturbed during their game.  If you don’t know about gloves, then you can take help from others. Google it, ask from other players about it or may be hit and trail method is best for you.

In every two to three years

The maximum life span of a glove is around three years and when it completes it days then replace them. I know many players are emotionally attached to their gloves for better performance, they need to be replaced. Even if your gloves are in good condition then use them for practice only and match, buy a new one. 

Change it when it become useless

I have seen many players as they use gloves that are not proper laced or their foam coming out the gloves. Why use useless gloves as they just make everything hard for you? Besides this, you may get hurt as the glove offer no more protection and this it is of no use.  

Besides all of this, there is no answer as for when to change it because it depends on you and your gloves. I have seen many players changing their gloves because they want to use the latest one. Well, if you have a deep pocket then there is no crime in spending your money. Besides this, you can go for the following things for keeping your gloves in good condition:

  •    Always considered the dry place to store and keep your gloves with respect. Do not just throw it here and there.
  •    When your gloves get even small damage, then try to fix it as soon as possible. If you do not fix it on time, then that little damage become huge and will spoil your gloves.

To base baseball players, the glove is like the most important instrument for their match. So, it is important to use gloves which are in good condition.

Health & Wellness

Equipment for Bodybuilding That Increases Ones Exercises

Plenty of approaches are at hand when looking at bodybuilding. Focusing on weight training is one option, or you may utilize assorted machines or else you can even do work outs that involve just the body. You can find all kinds of tools, gear and equipment for sale or at your gym to help your efforts. Nonetheless, each of these won’t be useful to everyone. This piece was written in hopes to let you know about a number of the greatest bodybuilding tools one may uncover at the present time.

No matter what your goals are for bodybuilding, the weights that you use are central to your success. Usually, the local gym will have several exercise machines ready to use along with free weights and barbells. Is it possible to work out at home with similar equipment? Your weight selection is limited to rubber coated weights, cast-iron, and the cheaper plastic filled variety. Cast iron is what you’ll find at a gym, but one disadvantage of being rough on your floors. Cheaper and less durable, plastic filled weights could preserve your floor but cost you much more money over time as they need to be replaced every so often. A home gym, especially one over a hardwood floor, should always use expensive rubber coated weights. In the United States, kettlebells have only lately become fashionable, but they have been here for quite a length of time. These may be a great addition to what you are already doing for bodybuilding, notwithstanding the type you already perform. The muscles are worked in a bigger series of movement compared to regular weights, as kettlebells are weights that aren’t centered. Having to surrender usual weight training isn’t what we are saying. However, adding a few kettlebell exercises can give you an extra edge and work your muscles in a more complete manner. When it comes to bodybuilding, variety is always beneficial, and if you’re used to weights or a certain type of machine, you should consider trying kettlebells. A further benefit to kettlebells is they unite cardio and strength training at the same time. You can also add a squat rack to your gym, checkout this muscleexperts reviews if you are interested.

When doing deadlifts, or squats, a bodybuilder must use a weight belt to get the maximum gains possible. A weight belt supports your lower back during such exercises, which is extremely important for preventing injuries. Your range of motion will be limited when using a weight belt. Keep this in mind when doing certain exercises as it may limit the effectiveness of them. A very useful item to have when working out is a good pair of gloves each can protect your hands from blisters and developing calluses. They can actually help you lift more weight as your hands will be much more comfortable holding the bar. When working out, essential tools that you absolutely must have, as we have just discussed, are gloves and a weight belt.

There is lots of body building equipment, so you have lots of choices. You need a few pieces of equipment, but that is all, so don’t believe everyone’s hype. Focus on acquiring tools that are really going to help you perform at the highest level. Some of the above items might prove useful to you, but it all comes down to what you want to accomplish.


Sports Technology for Runners: Enhancing Running Time, Speed and Distance with Gadgets and Gear

Four sports technology items are showcased as potential running partners to runners.

Gadgets, kit, gear – are a runner’s close travelling companions. If the science and technology keeps its promises of improving running performance, a runner often commits for life. Disappointment in a gadget or high tech kit when running will surely lead to a divorce that other runners will want to hear about. Here’s an introduction to four sports technology items that Delphi circles of serious runners are discussing:

Sports Drinks

Drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade and Lucozade Sport re-hydrate many runners’ bodies when racing and in training. Consuming a sports drink during an intense training session and on long runs will provide sugars which a runner’s body will use to create energy and for electrolytes refuelling. When training hard or racing, electrolytes should be replenished to maintain potassium and sodium balances in a runner’s body.

Since the 1970s, some running coaches have been recommending to long distance runners a home-made sports drink. Mindful of the science of running and sports nutrition, an old recipe for a sports drink is

  1. Freshly pour one litre of water into a bottle
  2. Add four tablespoons of sugar and shake
  3. Add one-third of a teaspoon of salt and shake
  4. Chill the sports drink for at least an hour
  5. Shake the bottle before drinking or pouring into a running water bottle

Running Monitors

For runners who do not have an iPod Nano, Nike+ has released the SportBand. A wrist cuff, the SportBand allows a runner to see distance, pace, time and calories burned on their run. A small chip placed in a runner’s trainer – New Balance or Saucony works as well as Nike+ trainers which have a space for the chip – to interface with the SportBand. Added value is offered by the USB detachable face of the cuff which can download speed and distance data to a Mac or PC. This rich fodder can build into a runner’s personal training e-log and via the Nike+ Sportband website allow runners to set up competitions and team events involving pooling data including the forthcoming Nike+ Human Race on August 31.

Sports Fabrics

Runners are aware that their trainers need replacing every 300 to 500 miles depending on type of footfall. Women who run can tell quickly when the elasticity goes in their sports bra. Runners’ feet speak when socks are wearing thin. A running gilet remains strong in its high tech performance shielding torsos, a runner’s strength and conditioning core, from rain and wind. Buy a running gilet (a zip up waistcoat or jacket without arms) to have a versatile small-packing kit item to keep dry and warm, running season after season. Be prepared for any climate change with the stretchy figure hugging Sugoi Radius Vest or Concurve Air, known for its Windstopper fabric.

Running Trainers

Saucony’s patented award-wining Grid technology continued with the release of the trademarked ProGrid. Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5 – with the Ladies shoe with blue accents and Men’s shoe in charcoal/blue or charchoal/red – won the Runner’s World UK Personal Best Awards for Best Shoe.

Whether you lead your running field, a back-of-the-pack finisher or enjoy running training without the racing, sports gadgets and techie running gear can make fine partners.

Health & Wellness

Fitness Outdoors: Start a Regimen Now with Walking, Running, Bicycling and Yoga

Minimum Daily Exercise Recommendation

Begin with the easiest exercise there is: walking. Most people know by now that Dr. Oz on “Oprah”, and every other medical authority, suggests 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy. This is the minimum daily exercise recommendation by the Center for Disease Control. Unless a person has a job that involves lots of walking, it’s difficult to log that just through daily activity. Most people attain that goal by walking a sustained walk of 30-60 minutes per day.

For extra fun, get a pedometer to keep track of steps walked. Pedometers are designed so that they swing past a magnetic field with each step taken, recording the step electronically while being attached to a belt or waistband. One can buy what Prevention Magazine calls the “gold standard of pedometer accuracy”, the Yamax SW-200 Digi-Walker for about $22.

Start Jogging

After a regular walking routine is established, why not move it up a notch and start jogging, if you haven’t already. Why? Different muscles are worked than when walking, the body will become lean, and it will contribute to bone density.

One doesn’t need to lose weight first in order to jog. The body will get lean with jogging. To begin all you need are good running shoes and a water bottle. Use a pedometer if you like.

If you aren’t in the best of condition, start off with interval training. Walk a few minutes and then jog a few minutes. Go like this for 30 minutes.

Bicycling with the Wind in Your Hair

Bicycling is a wonderful form of outdoor exercise, and it has done nothing but gain in popularity over the past decade or two. It provides a great cardiovascular workout while strengthening the legs. It, too, puts less stress on the legs than running. People of any age and body type can get out and enjoy exercising in the fresh air. An estimated 80 million Americans cycle for exercise, pleasure or as a means of transportation.

Get that old bicycle in running shape by getting it or giving it a tune-up. It’s a wonder what some love and grease can do to a neglected bicycle. Bicycling is even better than walking for the heart, and the knees and legs don’t take the pounding they get in jogging. And bicycling costs little or nothing. Also, you’re helping the environment by using it to commute and run errands instead of driving.

Some medical authorities recommend 20 minutes a day, three times a week. That’s a good place to start, until the love of bicycling gets in the blood and takes over. Work up to a goal of 45 minutes of cycling six days a week.

Yoga in the Park

Spring is also a beautiful time of year to do yoga in the park or the backyard. Much of yoga is the breathing exercises done along with the asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga. What could be better than doing these in the fresh spring air?

There are many books, videos and online websites to get you started with yoga. Or sign up for an indoor class and do your own outdoor practice sessions.

Training Season

Consider this your training and change your diet and other habits in keeping with your health goals. By summer you will be well on your way to being a more fit, leaner, more healthy person. Think of Rocky running up those stairs in Philadelphia, and then picture yourself running up the stairs besides him. Way to go!


Top 5 Sports Watch of all Time

Sports watches are quite a need in today’s time. Whether you want to use it during your workout session or you want to use it to count your running speed, it does it all for you.
Here is a list of 5 best sports watch of all time—
•    Apple watch series 2 – From fitness tracking to waterproof benefits, apple watch series 2 does it all. It has one of the most accurate heart-rate sensors and calculates the best heart rates. It is indeed quite easy to use. Best for fitness freaks as well as the casual users. Pricing starts from $369.
•    Fitbit Surge – one of the best fitness watches one can ever find. With built-in GPS for detailed locations tracking and continuous heart-rate monitoring, the watch series is Fitbit’s super watch series. It also has a touch screen user interface and you can also get smart phone notifications. Pricing starts from $240.
•    Polar V800 – Another super watch on the list. With a lot of features, the watch has features like chest heart-rate monitor with Bluetooth connectivity. The watch is heaven for workout addicts as it has customizable profiles for various sports, built-in GPS and waterproof body. The pricing starts from $390.
•    Garmin Forerunner 230 – The watch is designed keeping serious workout addicts and runners in mind. Easy to read at a quick glance, the watch includes features like GPS, smart phone notifications, and keeps a track on the runner’s pace, distance and running routes etc. It is water resistant and has an amazing battery life. Pricing starts at $177.
•    Motorola Moto 360 Sports – Well, this android wear smart watch is specially designed for the fitness lovers. It has built in GPS with touch screen and excellent visibility even on harsh sunlight; and will deliver notifications from your android smart phone. Pricing starts at $131.
Here is a list of some of the coolest sports watches for you. Start your training program so that you can have an excuse to buy one of these.